Plasma nitriding furnace

This plasma nitriding furnace is qualified for producing plasma nitrided surfaces of a wide range of parts and tools.

The present tandem-construction of this furnace with two retorts of different sizes allows for nitriding of parts with very different geometries.

The fields of application for plasma nitriding include generally all parts and tools which are made out of steel, corrosion-resistant materials or cast iron.

Excellent dimensional accuracy is achieved, so normally rework is unnecessary. There is also the possibility to target a specific composition of the nitride layers.

No environmental or safety problems, due to lack of harmful or dangerous substances implemented or created during the nitriding process.

Watch the Wegener Plasma nitriding furnace informational video on YouTube

Technical data
Retorte 1 ø:      600 x 3000 mm
Retorte 2 ø:      1200 x 2000 mm

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