Materials test laboratory

In order to control the heat treatment results, hardness and material tests are performed in our in-house laboratory. The used test methods use the hardness scales Brinell, Vickers and Rockwell. Preparing microsection molds serves to control the metallurgical microstructure as well as case depth or nitriding hardness depth.

Uniformity is a very important factor in the heat treatment of bulk material. In order to check this uniformity, samples are pulled from every heat treatment load and tested for statistical spread in a grid-pattern examination. Here an eddy current tester/ magna tester provides a fast data collection.

With a carbon-analyzer real carbon distributions throughout the part can be measured. Material analysis and material confusion analysis can be determined with the help of a spectrometer. Even high-alloy tool steels can be analyzed.

All Instructions for heat treatment or examination and testing, heat treatment documentation and maintenance schedules for our heat treatment furnaces can be found in our quality management manual. With all parts that mandate documentation, samples are retained that can be allocated for re-checking.

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